3D Printing with the Up Plus 2 (FDM/FFF)

An Off-the-Shelf FFF 3D Printer

The Up Plus 2 is a well reviewed off-the-shelf 3D printer capable of printing in both PLA and ABS, the two most common FFF printer materials. This little trooper has faster setup time and operation than the Prusa, and requires less maintenance. The trade-off is a software platform with room for improvement and less control over certain parameters pertaining to the 3D printing process.

Up Plus 2 Workflow

Up Post-Processing

This style printer only has one material, so if supports are needed, it is printed in the same material as the model. Same-material support can be tricky to remove, as it involved cutting the connections to the model using clippers and can leave behind marks that give the model a poor surface finish. Therefore, it is a good idea to try to minimize usage of support material for these printers. Take a look at a few 3D printing design tips here.