3D Printing with the Objet Alaris (PolyJet)

High Fidelity PolyJet Printing

The Objet is a PolyJet style 3D printer, meaning it uses a resin that is sprayed out of ink jet heads that is subsequently cured using UV light. The results are 3D printed parts with very precise geometry. Objet materials are also easily sandable, making the Objet a great choice for models that need a finished look. The material can be brittle, however, so avoid using this printer for structural parts. Keep in mind the material is also very expensive compared to other methods of 3D printing.

Objet Workflow

Objet Post-Processing

Remove the Support with a Soft Tool

Once the Objet part is removed from the printer, you can start to remove the support material using a soft tool. You want to use something that isn't going to scratch the part, so something like a popscicle stick works well.

Use the Pressure Washer to Clean the Part Surface

There will still be support material clinging to the surface of the part that will be difficult to remove using handheld tools. To remove this support material, the Objet pressure washer can be used:

  • turn on the water using the valve under the sink

  • turn on power to the washer using the switch in the back of the machine

  • allow water to flow by turning the valve inside the washer to the right

  • use the foot pedal to increase water pressure to spray the part note: you do not need to lay on the foot pedal the entire time, it is often better to use a series of short bursts to ensure that the washer drains properly

Turn Everything Off

When you are finished make sure to turn off the water and the machine! If you leave the water running, you can potentially flood the lab space. Take off your part and towel dry it. If you plan on finishing the part, proceed with wet sanding. If you aren't planning on finishing the part, you can optionally drop the part in a sodium hydroxide bath to further remove support material.