Benchtop Tools

  • Bandsaw
  • bandsaw operation, blade types, and materials
  • Drill Press
  • using a drill press, drilling speeds, and tips
  • Drill Mill
  • one stop shop for drilling and milling

Sketch Modeling

  • Sheets
  • foamcore and cardboard techniques
  • Foam
  • 3D sketching with blue and pink foams

Shop Tips

3D Printing

  • Objet Alaris
  • PolyJet printer for high fidelity/finish models

Digital Fabrication

  • Carvey
  • a tidy desktop CNC router

Handheld Tools

  • Power Drill
  • a handy tool for drilling and driving fasteners
  • Jigsaw
  • a versatile reciprocating saw
  • Hand Router
  • grooves, complex shapes, and edge details
  • Dremel
  • rotary tool for a variety of situations
  • Sanding
  • various tools for removing tiny bits of material