Dimension 3D Printers

Industrial FDM/FFF 3D Printing

The Dimension printers are reliable FDM-style 3D printers that are capable of high quality printing. One of the main advantages of the Dimension printers is their robustness, as well as increased part quality due to printing ABS in a heated chamber, improving layer adhesion by reducing shrinkage. When part quality matters or dissolvable support material is needed, the Dimension printers are a clear choise over other extrusion-based printers such as the Up Plus 2 or the Prusa. After printing, support material is dissolved in a sodium hydroxide bath, which means that processing times for these prints are longer. We have access to two machines, the smaller uPrint, and the larger sst1200es.

Dimension Workflow

Dimension Post-Processing

Dissolving Support Material in Sodium Hydroxide

Dimension 3D prints will need to be tossed in a bath of sodium hydroxide to remove the support material. The bath is heated and the parts are agitated for a few hours while the support material dissolves. Afterwards, the parts need to be soaked in water to remove any caustic material and make the parts safe to handle.